My Dark Side.

I guess, that might be my knack for combat. I usually avoid it, but simply because it is not worth it most of the time to me. When I do decide it's time to fight, then I enjoy it. I am not cruel though, it's always the other guys choice on whether or not to try and finish the fight. I have ran into a few stubborn people who keep comming back until they are physically tired. When I was 6, some kid who was 11 decided to shoot his mouth off...then dared me to do something about it. It was over before he could blink. That kid never messed with me again, nor did anyone else that had been there. When I was 8, my best my best friends became angry at me (twins), and their big brother told them to beat me they tried. They were easy though, and I didn't try, nor did I want to hurt them. With them, I simply made them use up their own energy...until they said screw it...

Anyway, those stories can go on for days. I guess this talent doesn't really get so dark until I WANT to hurt someone. People describe me as fluid in movement and very fast with extremely quick reflexes. I guess it's a good thing that I don't get urges to beat someones head in often.

So, since I don't like to hurt people, I would consider the talent to do so as kinda a dark side.

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I have the same dark side, but mine is a little darker. Instead of urges to hurt I have to fight urges to kill. Its especially tough when the opportunity presents itself right in front of me or when I lose control in a fight. I've never been in a serious fight though. I either scare people off or the little things they try, like pinning me down to prove Im weaker like bully do, I immediately reverse it even when they are bigger than me. I am know as the fastest strongest, and to have the fastest reflexes out of all my friends like you and I really don't want to hurt anyone. That feeling cause me to lack aggressiveness in sports, but I still have great defense in any sport I play. I am so afriad to let go of control of my body that I don't lose conciousness when I black out. I've blacked out because of pain and dehydration, but I didn't lose consciousness. I see myself as a protector because the only times that I come close to fighting is when I do it to protect my friends. I noticed that my younger cousin has it to, but he lacks the control over it. The good thing is that he also lacks the incredible strength or whatever to match the level I have.

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We all have a dark side, only some show theis more readily then others.