The Other Me........

She's more evident here on EP than she ever has been before.  Angry, cynical and ready to fight!!!   She's been pushed down so ******* long.....stepped on, disregarded, ignored, disrespected....and she is DONE!!  No more kowtowing to the needs of someone who doesn' t appreciate it or value the effort.  Now, is HER time....**** 'em all..........
calistoast calistoast
7 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Aaaaaaand....Imma still kickin'!!!!! ;-)

Thank you, needs to be done. Thanks for the support!!<br />
<br />

Yes, it is time to give voice to those feelings too!

ROTFLMMFAO!!!! True, that!!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!

Playmate? Thats singular! Indulge!! for the proper playmate.....<br />
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Oh, what fun it is to explore the darkside.