I Wish It Showed A Bit More!

I sometimes hate myself for appearing to be a very sweet person. I do have a dark side.
I wrote a story about the major horrible thing I did in this life and that was using a FAKE picture to get into a relationship with a girl, pretending that I am a male. And the relationship (the lie) lasted three years.
Other than that, I probably hate my mother because I feel she was not fair with me as she was with my sisters when it came to marriage.
And my favorite hobby when I was younger was to stand behind doors and scare whoever happens to walk in to the room next. Oh, and at times, put my foot in their way.
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The lie, for shame, We don't want to admit we lie, even if it is a small not really worth mentioning but "You know that reason I haven't told you about where I was for fifteen years of my life is?"...I must have lied about something once in my life I am almost certain. <br />
I can't really remember but what I am trying to do is somehow relate to the fact we have something in common, <br />
Did I lie in the fourth grade? I wish my mom was still alive I'd ask her.I'm sure I have never gone to the dark side but I did a lot of rotten things when I was young or was that last year.<br />
I got to give you some kudos on having some big ones with a lie like that, I have know some that can pull off the wildest crap but that is up there on the top 10 reason not to send you the autoparts store. I did that and didn't come home for three days so I'm told. Happy lying LSS

Yes, ma'am :) <br />
<br />
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You are who you are. Every person has a dark side. But not every person admits it.<br />
I have a dark side. It comes out rarely, but when it does, I deal with damage when its over and try to learn something from the experience for it to never happen again, or to lessen the damage in future. <br />
Beating yourself up for things like that won't do you any good. And hating yourself will only complicate your life even more, so why do it? Accept all your sides, including the dark one, as part of who you are and learn to control it to some extent. And forgive yourself for past mistakes. What's done is done, learn the lessons and move on.

So enjoying the pain of others is a bright thing? :)

It sounds as if you just enjoy the pain of others not that you have a dark side