Disappointing N' Everything

It seems like all I am is my dark side. I honestly can't remember the last time I was happy about anything. I'm not talking about happy in the moment, or experiencing a rush of endorphins that lifts your mood. I'm talking about being truly happy. People constantly disappoint me so i've learned not to expect anything from them. Instead I expect to be disappointed, so when something slightly unconventional happens it is a small burst of fresh air. I'm always tired too. Not just physically tired, but emotionally and spiritually tired also. Sometimes it seems like this world was created just to be in pain. Something created just to die. Why? Agony, loneliness, pain, numbness, destitute, oblivious...
minisuko minisuko
31-35, F
1 Response May 1, 2012

oh far out....sometimes it seems like this world was created, just to be in pain??? give me a break! go pop some happy pills....doctor we have a severe case of melodramatic fever....I think you have depression....so the world a favour....get help...enough whiners out there!

i agree with u

If someone you loved is ever killed, or you lose everything one day i'll be sure to send you a Hallmark card telling you do take a pill and get over it.

I won't need to, had three peeps die....death doesn't phase me.