Of The Wolven Elders..

Hello. My name is Ricinar. And I truly have a dark side. One night about 3 years ago, I was walking through the woods with my girlfriend. And I know it sounds crazy but someone or something attacked us. All I saw was glowing eyes and the next thing I know I wake up, bleeding, next to my girlfriend. Of course as a man, my concerns were on my girl. I quickly checked her pulse and realized it was extremely slow. I picked her up and threw her on my shoulder and ran out of the woods to where I parked my car. I drove as fast as my car could go to the nearest hospitol. They said that if I would've waited anymore that she would be dead. So once they had her hooked up to machines and made sure she was okay, they turned their attention towards me. I had a 3 inch gash down the side of my face. But it was when they checked my pulse that they knew something was up. I had no pulse. Doctor's were freaking out thinking that my heart stopped and that I was still alive. They kept us both over night but could not find out why they couldnt get my pulse. Well we went home and went on with our day's. But that night, happened to be a full moon. My girlfriend was still at work but was expected to come home soon. But then, I felt like a huge thump in my chest. And I know this is going to sound crazy so if you dont believe in werewolves, you better quit reading this now. Anyways I felt my bones start to pop. I was in so much pain I thought that I was going to die. And then it happened. I started growing id say about 3/4 inch hair all over my body. I tryed to stand up to look in a mirror but I couldnt move my legs. Thats when it felt like I was streched like a strech armstrong doll. My pants and my shirt split off. My shoes (which im actually looking at now) look like someone set a cherry bomb off in them. At that point I got the feeling back in my legs and was able to stand up. I looked in the mirror and was horrified by what I saw. My face had streched into a muzzle. Okay well I dont want to keep boring you guys so im going to stop there and if you want to know more please feel free to message me. Thanks for reading my story. Everything in this story is 100% true. I can provide proof if you wish but I dont exactly know how. But if you know a way or if you just believe me, please message me. Im looking for friends that will listen to what I have to say. I can teach everyone many things if you just give me a chance. Well message me. Oh and my full name is Ricinar Alaric which I will explain if you message me. Put my name in subject box if possible. Thanks everyone and I hope to meet new friends.
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Nice! I would MURDER what ever attacked ur and you girlfriend

Hmm, you went full out? Interesting.