When I Was Young.

Even now I feel like I have a dark side of me that sleeps and when I'm angered it awakens. When I was a kid since I kept all my thoughts to myself, and had a broken family. Anyway I actually felt that I was going crazy at one time. I had some pretty gruesome thoughts. I won't go into details but they were bad. As I've gotten older I have calmed WAY down. However if something really bad happens and it angers me I feel like that darkness is coming out. I guess this is why I love watching hooror movies. I am actually the one who is always for the enemy. It helped me alot as a kid watching them. Now I just have accepted this ''part'' of me. It also shows in some music I listen to and some of my more favorite characters in games and anime. Oh well that's just the way it is. However there is some of a dark side that I never minded and that is my dirty perverted mind.lol. I know TMI.
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never to much information