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I Have A Secret

I have a secret
I need you to keep it
I know you want to leave
I need you to be strong please
Things will be okay
I'm begging you please stay
I have a secret
Please keep it
Keep it to yourself
Dont leave me by myself
In time things will be alright
Please I dont want to fight
My family will be so upset
This is something they wont forget
They might kick me out of the house
Not if we keep as quiet as a mouse
Dont tell a soul about this
Right now its hit and miss
I dont know for sure yet
If I'm not we can just forget
If I am things will be alright
Soon it will be out of mind out of sight
I have a secret
I need you to keep it
StarvedAndScarred StarvedAndScarred 18-21, F Aug 6, 2012

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