could someone tell me what is the true meaning of ''truth'' ? really? think about it, what is truth based on? For exemple, for someone who lives in haiti ''we does not have any heatquakes'' would be lie, but for someone who lives in canada, it is simply the truth. also,every single human have its own way of thinking, its own culture,technically, a fact can be true or false depending on the way you see it, is your mind twisted enough right now? so exact truth does not exist. no one can really know the absolute truth. most of people deny this and simply ignore this fact, because they lived all their life based on what they believe in, what is right to them, what is bad, what is true what is false.

this is how people go insane ^__^ at the beginning of their life,their mind simply goes whit ''this is this, the truth is this, the false is this :DDD'' older, it change into ''what if..its not? what if, i was wrong?? of course not, i was told this was this, i must stilll think like this, everything is ok and right ^^'' and when they decided to open their mind to all the possibilities, their thoughts explode ''NO i dont want to believe it!! i am a good person!! everything i have done is right!! I DID THE RIGHT THING,!!! why am i doubting it?! i should hate myself!!i taught everyone this and this and this but my way of thinking was false,wait!! if this is really truth why is this lie? ..this means.. I WAS WRONG ALL MY LIFE?! my existence mean NOTHING in all the world!? NO!!!'' mostly, people laugh at themself and end up saying ''stop being depressive!! you just think too much'' but there are some rare people who decides to not be hypocrites and who open their eyes and soul to ALL the possibilites of truth, lies, corruption, beauty of the world we think we live in, and then, they think so much that they just can have a straight way of thinking anymore,their mind jump idead to idea and they end up, comletly insane, and lose all their senses, or the ones we call ''proper'' if they really are..

so tell me, clearly, while being sure of yourself, what is the truth? ^_^
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truth doesn't exist truth is relative the way our minds construct truth is by what we have been taught since birth to be defined by the lines of possible and impossible but really nothing is impossible Einstein said anything that can be imagined or thought up by the human mind absolutely must be possible because the mind could not comprehend impossible its like asking how does a person know if they are awake or dreaming you don't in a dream everything feels real as real as i'm sitting here typing on this keyboard at this computer in a dream that dream becomes your reality and only when you open your eyes the next day do you realize you were dreaming but that could go a step further how do we define reality as the matrix said reality is simply an idea or construct in our minds by what we think we see hear and smell our minds tell us that reality exists and we are bound by gravity and that certain things that people say cant exist may in fact exist if we told ourselves they did most people don't believe in aliens why because we are told they don't exist well to think that out of the trillions of galaxies all with millions of star clusters planets and other such assortments to believe we are the only "intelligent" life in the world is like saying the world is flat and not round so if in fact reality is actually relative then truth is just a made up idea set up by closed and feeble minds that do not dare question reality when things we cant explain happen all the time

Well put! I let that wall drop a long time ago. Guess thst's why I'm nuts. Lol. I question everything, but in the end knowledge can never be obtained without first asking questions. Honestly, I'd rather question everything as opposed to going through the motions because "this is how I'm supposed to be".