Jekyll and Hyde In Me!

So today, I was supposed to go see my bf, but I was in this seething brooding kind of mood, so I thought I'd better not. I lied and said my daughter was sick, (which she was, but she went to school)and I had to stay home with her. If I'd been honest, and told him that I needed time alone, then he would have questioned me, & taken it personally.

It started pretty much as soon as I got up. My son wouldn't get out of bed, so was late getting ready for school...I thought he was up and ready when he wasn't. Grrrrr. My daughter was whining about some crap that really wasn't that big of a deal.(They're both teens by the way, so I let 'em both have it!) Some ***holes were driving too slow, of course as the law of the universe goes when you're in a hurry. Cursed at them under my breath. After I dropped them off, I continued to seethe. No one interesting had sent me an e-mail. MORE SEETHING under my breath! I just didn't know what to do with myself. My bf was disappointed, and I could tell in his text, so I called him. He was brooding and had nothing interesting to say, so I became even more annoyed because he was brooding(after all, he was supposed to believe my daughter was home sick!) getting of the phone quickly before I said something mean.

What to do now? My mother sent me a text asking me out to lunch on her. Grrrrr...Keep control. She's only trying to be nice, but I wanted to stay home and do some things, but maybe going out with her would calm me down. It did. So then, I just started cleaning like a maniac, but all the things that I perceived wrong about my bf turned over and over in my mind burning a whole in my skull. Thank God I was cleaning to loud music or I would have self-destructed! And thank God he wasn't here!!!

Why this mood? Hormonal? Idk. No one had don't anything to me that bad. Go figure...end of the day now...finally calming down. I get days like this.
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We all have our days when we're not quite human. That's what makes us human

That makes me feel better about my irrational behavior...I need to remind myself, that I'm human, and not always in control of my various moods.

Human beings... Complicated creatures we be...