Into The Darkness

Shadow is here now, he bids me come home my love. For you've

danced in the light for too long now, and you've been burned now.
Come into the night, where all is cool, and all is right. No more

fears, and no more tears. I will lay you down now, I will penetrate

you, and make you groan now. I will lick you sweetly, and wipe

away those frowns now. I will caress you deeply, and make

you writhe now, open you up now, let me release my seed

inside you now. You are me mine now. I am thine now, let

us grind, and be Intertwined now. I lay my seeds in your

womb now. Together we reign now, into the darkness,

into the flames together as one we burn now. You are

mine now, and I am thine now. We dwell in the shadows,

we are home now. To you my dark angel, and to you
only I vow. You saw me then, and you see me now,

together we are one, we are the same now. Together

we rise, we are the flame now. Together we reign

now, my bride, my wife. I am your Dark Prince, a

burning flame, who has come to lead into the

shadows where we can find a new light.
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

A sensual dark side. Well written, thank you.

Thank you....

Darkly sensuous and stirring - very nice.

Thank you...