Jumpy Jumpy Buzz Buzz Buzz.

i haven't had an evil day in about a week and a half. booze is usually what brings out the worst in me. when i get impulsive, i indulge in one of two (or both if i'm feelin' real crazy) risky ventures - i steal cars and i have dirty, random sex. last monday, i stole my step-father's car and drove away with a suspended license...he found out. i disappeared for a day and got **** faced. by the evening of the following tuesday, i had turned into a delusional creeper, hiding in the shadows around my house, peaking through windows. my parents called the cops on me. a successful day as always...so, my mother found out that i've been drinking since i got out of residential treatment a month ago. and i was kicked out of my house - so, i suppose this is all a sort of blessing in a way. for, i have now signed a lease to my own apartment. hoorah.

since last week, i've started a new job. it feels so great to be doing something with my day again, i get to see people all day and i have a task to fulfill. as a result, i'm pretty sure i've jumped back in to a sort of hypomanic phase. i'd rather look at it as enthusiasm towards life however. yay money, yay life, yay new apartment and job.
flordelmar flordelmar
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012