Sex And Death

My dark side is that I have fantasies that involve sex and death. Here are a couple:

* I am going to bed with a completer stranger, during our sex game when I am close to an ******, he or she puts a hand around my neck and squeezes me. I think its part of the game and let him or her go, but instead of stopping I am strangled to death.

* I am raped at gun point. After he sodomizes me I hear the trigger go and feel a sharpe pain and die.

* I meet a person who wants to die. As agreed we have sex first me on top. When he or she almost comes I choke him or her until she or he dies. Instead of leaving I stay with the dead body and have sex

* I find a dead young woman in a quiet park. Instead of calling the police I undress her and **** her.

wimnj wimnj
51-55, M
Jan 6, 2013