My Dark Side

my boyfriend knows my every nook and cranny at least in my head he does. See him and i haven't had sex yet its almost been a year and i haven't even kissed him but he loves me the way i am. he knows my past but not cause i told him its cause he is in my head he literally reads my mind all the time witch means i don't have to say much. he knows how to get me to just brake down and tell him everything and he he knows how to make me smile when i'm crying he has bought me a ring he wants to marry me. even though I'm a switch i turn psycho fast but he really loves me all i want to do is marry him but i mean i'm scared to what if i hurt him one of the times i go flip? I would never forgive myself if i hurt him what do i do i love him but how do i marry him knowing i could hurt him but then again he knows i could flip and he still wants to marry me he knows i have an empty place in me thats dark and he knows that place has no remorse but he dont care he loves me. So what do i do?
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Give in to your dark side with the ones that deserve it's rath.

How do I chose who deserves it

Anyone who is a horrible nasty bullying git who think's that she/he can get away with anything just because they're human :)

Human is a strong word :)

I personally think that pure evil and evil individuals are human while good individuals and puer good individuals are people just what i think :)

Yes I can see that but then you have to ask if they are truly evil they have no humanity so how are they human

To me humanity is a species of two the humans and the people the humans who are nasty mean and awful and the people who are nice kind and you know humane the good part of humanity just because you're not human dose not mean you not a member of humanity.


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