ive learned that for me, there is no getting rid of my dark side. its a big part of what makes me. they say that people are shaped by their environment. thats what happened to me. i went through some life experiences that hardened me. they made me a little street tough, if you will. i have a sensitive side but it usually doesnt show.

there was a time in my life when i needed someone to be sensitive for me and it didnt happen. in turn the darkness began to grow deep inside me. i was shunned. jaded. left out in the rain.

all of that anguish had an upside though. i became mentally tough because of it. i can be cold when necessary. cold without any guilt. i can be nice too. i am often nice. ill hold the door open for you. ill let you out in front of me when traffic is heavy. things like that.

there is something else that has hardened me too. this didnt involve any mental anguish. it was do to a lifestyle into at the time. ive since left that behind me. i got out before it was too late. that lifestyle was full of pressure and paranoia. during that time i carried a fully loaded .45 auto with me at all times. always with one in the chamber. it was the nature of the beast.

i never hurt anyone so dont freak out. thankfully i never had too. all the things ive been through have taught me some things. if it comes down to you or me, its gonna be you. i will protect me and mine. i fully embrace my dark side. its too late to change it now.
1nakedninja4u 1nakedninja4u
36-40, M
Jan 22, 2013