Launica Part 2

Its been said that you should watch out for the quiet example right here *******.

Im not particularly loud. Im sweet, loving, caring, compassionate. But once you **** me off, well, it ain't ****** pretty. My temper is my own fault, cause I hold **** in til it explodes. Not good I know, but that's just how it is.

It was alot worse when I was a teenager. I've blacked out, destroyed my entire room, punched holes in walls, ****** people up, broken my knuckles on walls and ppls faces. Im surprised I still have use of my hands lol.

Not really sure why im like this. It is better now that im older, I control it better, but its funny when people think they can take advantage of me cause im all nice n ****, well don't ever mistake my kindness for weakness. I will let you know about yourself, and if you put hands on me, be prepared for a *********** beatdown. I may be a woman but daddy taught me to hit like a man, don't ever get me twisted with a weak *****!
launica87 launica87
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

You sound quite a lot like me: being laid back and keeping it in till you boil over. Agreed it isn't good. If you are like me it passes easier that way.