People Are Afraid of Me....

I don't smile often, i have pulled knives on people, they say i am mean, part of me doesn't care, but part of me is a whole other person.

41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I am afraid to go that far with it, better leave well enough alone yes?

Hmmmm....not sure how to respond to this one....the knives part is a little scary....but, the truth is, we all have a dark side...I have not pulled a knife on someone, but certainly wanted to...I rage - yell & scream and say the meanest things that can reduce the steeliest man I know (my husband) to tears...the trick I think is to find balance....we have a dark side for a can save us, protect us in times of real danger...we must nurture her, but not let her out to run things everyday...only when really, don't fear her...teach her and learn from her....SS