I believe almost everyone has a little bit of narcissism or sadism in them. I think I might be a psychopath, not the ted bundy kind though. I don't like to hurt anything. I never killed bugs or anything when I was little. Im talking about hating rules and trying to break them just because. To me breaking the law is commendable. Drug dealing, robbing banks, car jacking these things seem redeemable in the light that they are prohibited. I guess that makes me more of a "secondary scychopath". I detest people that have respect for authority and follow rules without thinking about them. Are you familiar with the Heinz dillema? A mans (Heinz) wife has cancer and can only be cured by a drug one druggist has. The drug is too expensive and the druggist will not lower the price. What should Heinz do? One of my teachers presented us this problem in middle school. To me it seemed obvious that Heinz should steal the drug and possibly burn down the pharmacy. Too my great surprise some of my peers said he should not steel the drugs. I guess I just have no respect for order or society's rules. Idk if this is an issue? Is it something I should change or hide?
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Never. It's good you rebel. Rules are tests meant to be broken. Cheating is cunning and being free of worthless obligations.

Not sure if this is good advice but thanks for responding

You asked. You have received advice.
I'm an advocate of the individual and destitute loners, the often demonized rebel, the persecuted "queers" and radicals.
I don't mean be antisocial. I condone our individual expression. That is all.

I believe we all have a debt to society. I think it's important to be an individual but you should also understand the world does not revolve around you.

Says the narcissist...or you try to inflict the pain of doubt as does a sadist.
I agree about this debt. I paid mine off only to be morally bankrupt, languished in poverty.
If it doesn't revolve around me, then I will make it so does so. It's my spiteful spin on life. I'm vain..******* so?

I meant like paying taxes, not speeding, getting vaccines that type of stuff. You sound dangerously narcissistic, past the point of looking in the mirror a lot.

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