I never want it to surface again. Last time darkness took over, I lost someone important. I liked her we were such good friends. Until the day it happened...

Darkness wraps around my kindness and angelic mind. And plays with my emotions and words. I rarely cuss and fight but I will if someone pushes me too far.

I now try everyday to change and forget the past. I tried thinking positively. I've apologized to her. But nothing heals this hole in my heart. I still feel nothing but guilt and emptiness.

I don't want anybody to go down the same path as I have. You never want to lose someone important. Someone who gets you and has almost 100% compatibility with you.

I want to help people who has any darkness. Any anger. Any demonic feelings. No one needs to get a wound seared into their heart that never heals. It hurts. It feels like a piece of your soul has been bitten off.
XxxfakerslayerxxX XxxfakerslayerxxX
16-17, M
Aug 23, 2014