Its "Jim"

My dark side is the "jim" in Gemini.  AKA .. Jim & I...  Lets just let Jim sleep, we'll all be the better for it.

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I so agree! I was married to jim and i wish I'd let him lie! TeeHee

What time does Jim wake up?

While I can't agree with Davey's comment (who the hell can tell you what you know and don't know?) I think you should look into not making your dark side and light side so flat. They are characters that make you you and I think Jim has his positive qualities and I has his negative qualities, as well as that some people probably see Jim coming out when you may not or more often than you realize, while I probably could (in addition to using a better name) be somewhat more complex and important than being just something of a mask.

LMAO.... and those who enjoy laughing with them.

god bless the british!! lol

Hi fragile... .To which of the 49 and growing comments are you referring dear? This story has been compromised and morphed into some sort of tribute to british humor.. LOL don't do it!!

Aughhhhh... (throwing myself off the cliff)

an african or european swallow??

What is the land air speed of an unladen swallow?

Monty Python and the Holy's freaking awesome :)<br />
<br />
thanks lee lol we like you too lol

You ladies are insane. LMAO

"help help i'm being repressed!!!" lol sorry, watching monty python right now...u seen that one tia??

omg, run now she'll get you for sure lol


LOL..... and just because we totally undermined this "darkside" theme in this story ... I just have to say/ write the words bubble gum and gum drops... because those are two things definately not found on "the darkside" ... LMAO

*whew* i was worried about ya for a min tia lol

Hehe.. she'll get me back. LOL

that's unusual for tia...she's a feisty one...wonder if she's feeling ok today? lol

actually I just screwed up thinking Libra was a fish.. LOL however I was fishing for some sort of angry response from ya... :) but you wont bite.

ooops shelle is the fish... shelle is the fish... shelle is the fish.. Trying to remember Tia is the scale tia is the scale tia is the fish OH!! damnit scalescalescale.. sorry.

she's balanced....lmao!!

you fishes are always so sensitive.... I'll loan ya some "jim" to take the edge off..

see tia...i am right about something :)

Im good.. its so hard to take some people seriously ya know.. Kinks right ya gotta be a Gemini to get it. LOL

LOL ..

i hate to interrupt your converstation here,so feel free to kick me out, but...i prefer to call mine "Gem" lol it's a gemini thing...dual natured...if you're not one, you won't fully understand lol :) <br />
<br />
ps...hiya Tia :)

yeah ok daveys, your right. go on with your life now.

Not well enough. It seems there really is no dark side. Jim is just a way for you to release all your pent up frustration while feeling a bit of importance at the same time. You don't know what a real dark side is like. Jim isn't real. Cope with it.

Lets just say jim has seen more than his fair share of stage time.... Lets just let him sleep we'll all be the better for it.

Jim is not a "what" its a name I gave my dark side, the bad to my good, the sorrow in my joy, the skeptic to my trust, the sadness in my joy, the anger behind my smile, the hate in my love, the guy who gets up off the ground when my *** is getting kicked I puts his thumb through your f*ckin eye then bites your nose off your face then swallows it, hes the mother f*cker inside me that always has the "I" in mes back. He is the judge of you and advises the "I" in me as to how to take you. "I" is who you see. "Jim" is who you wish you hadn't seen. Does that clear it up for ya?

What exactly is Jim. Feel free to take this off of comments and just message.


That is exactly how I define balance. I give my "Jim" no more preference than my "I" . We balance.... however I prefer to be productive in my approach to anything So what you and others see is the "I" in me, but its the "Jim" doing the judgement . However when the Jim takes the stage its the I thats kicked out of the show as well. So for the sake of I... I is who you will see and hear and its Jim who will judge and advise I.

Balance. Define that for us will you. Well briefly it's distributing weight equally, no? If weight is potentially two conflicting personalities then what should you do? Balance them out...equilibrium love. Try it. "Jim" will thank you. If he really exists.

Daveys I prefer to be well balanced......

Your darkness is your most prized possesion in this life. Trust us, in the end all you have is Jim. And Tia if what you say is true, all you have is your inner one too. We're all the lucky ones that have someone goin through life with us. Thank them for it...let them out once in awhile

You're wasting your time keeping him asleep