I Never Would..

but I am a vegetarian who sometimes has thoughts about eating meat.

and, I am a peaceful person who has sometimes violent thoughts.

They are dark thoughts, to me, and they scare me sometimes.

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3 Responses Nov 14, 2007

I brief encounter with intelligence, nice post Tardy-dodo. It is healthy to contemplate on all things in our lives, and minds.

I think that it is the curse of the intelligent and inquiring mind to explore those parts that are off-limits to it. After all, this is where curiosity most wants to lead the mind, into the fascination of taboo.<br />
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To my mind, the act of contemplating, entangling, entertaining ideas that run contrary to ones principles is not an unethical thing; sometimes through exploration of what we detest the most we can come to greater understandings, or at least to humility of those whom we might otherwise be tempted to judge.<br />
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Thought, after all, is a vastly different prospect to action.

I'm not a vegetarian. However, I am also a peaceful person who has violent thoughts, and they also scare me sometimes.