My First, And Hopefully My Last Punch

I'm the kind of person that trys to bear with anyone.

A little while back, I went through a bunch of chaos in my life, and there was this guy that immediately, like, took a shine to me. We had been friends for a long time, but he started getting hopes of me and him. Of an 'us'. I tried to humor him for a while, just hoping it would fade out or he'd get tired of it, but it just felt wrong. really wrong. What I was needing was a friend. Not a lover. So one day, me and him and some of our amigos were hanging out, and he started chasing me. It was all innocent, I think. I knew he cared about me, but he had scared me. So once he caught me, he had twisted my arm behind my back to keep me from breaking free. All my friends were watching. I was exhausted from running on the sand... it's unstable. I was fed up with all the stuff that had been going on. I was so out of breath, I forgot to tell him to let me go or else. Nooooo. I just did the most natural thing. I socked him in the face. It felt good.  He promptly released me and sank to the ground. I had hurt him. I hadn't meant to; hadn't wanted to let that get the better or me. Part of me felt impowered. Part of me felt relieved. The rest of me felt like a monster.

Brittie Brittie
2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

when i got home my sisters and i did laugh about it... :) because up until that day, that guy had the whole guy/macho thing going on pretty well. i was surprised to see how one punch from a girl could compromised that.

thats an interesting reaction but you probably were just so wound up from everything that it was just the last straw, i have done things like that before i understand what that feels like and i bet another part of you was laughing your butt off cuz i would be