This Is Me

i have my darkside at my side 24/7 i hate this world i cut myself and feel happy about it everyday i gave my heart to someone and she broke it like it was nothing my friend died that hurt even more and my dads about to lose his house where living in full ******* stress i realy cant take it anymore

iljano19 iljano19
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

and dude I´m not the best at helping but I understand what you mean.

Don´t want to be mean......but the someone has it worst than you NEVER made anyone feel better

U outta find some kind of higher powers too turn too, u know u might be facing a struggle right now, but if u look on the bright side of things at least u still have food and clothes on ur back!! There is always someone that has it worse than u, look at the third world countries, thoes children and adults have no clothes to wear expect what is on their back's, they have no home but what is made out of cow patties, they have no clean water to drink, they barley have any food if some at all and when they do get food its usually the other people giving what they have away too be sure that other children do not die of stravation, so u are blessed and u really need to have a support system on ur side, so if u need to talk just private message me ty!