Wow I Have A Date!

Yes this is has been a long time since I have been first, ask out on a date but actually have one that will materialize! Maybe it is possible still in my life to have quality dates with men who really want to meet me...hmmmm

My friends and family think I get asked out all the time on dates...not so! I wish (even if it were me turning someone down for a date) but I simply do not get asked out. I waste my time and money (I think both really) on dating sites which get me not only no dates, but men who want nothing serious.

No I do not want to go out on 1 date and decide hey lets stay together forever...but if there is some chemistry, common interests, and fun together then yes I want to see the man again! The last dates I got where 1 time shots with men who want a roll in the hay or just someone to add to the list of women they have to call in case they get bored. I want someone who seriously wants a relationship and if the talking, texting and emailing translates into real life, then I want it to develop into more.

So everyone look for more stories as I have an adventure coming up in June! We had to plan for June since we live in different states but someone who is willing to drive to meet me, tells me he is interested!

I cannot wait to tell my bff Sarah I have a date woohoo! She always knows what is going on in life and is my cheerleader!

A date....I have a date....I am excited!! :-)
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

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that's great news...I'm very excited for you! When in June are you planning to meet him? I can't wait to hear how it goes. xoxo

Thanks girl! it is exciting!! We are meeting on the 16th of June and I have been chatting with him every day! Super excited!! :-)