So This Is What Daughters Are Made of

My son is 25 and married.  My daughter is 21 and in college.  My daughter who I shall refer to as "L" (simply because she'd kill me if I used her real name or initial) is home for the summer.  The girl is brilliant, with a sarcastic streak unlike any I've encountered and constantly seeking new ways to make me part with my money.  I have no ideas where these qualities originated.  From her father I'm sure.

L has been bugging me for weeks to let her cut my hair.  I admit I have let it get far too long.  This morning when I stepped out of the shower I was horrified by the glowing patch of white I saw reflected in the mirror.  Upon closer inspection it wasn't the bald spot I at first feared, only more gray hair.  (I was also wearing a towel when I glanced at the mirror in case you were worried about what I was about to reveal).  Since I obviously can't put off my appointment with Miss Clairol for much longer I decided it was time to face her shears.  I'm also cheap, in case I haven't mentioned that.

First of all, I said she could cut 1 inch.  Then it became 2.  L ended up cutting off 4 inches of my bleached golden (dry & damaged) locks.  At least I have some hair left, just that much less to color I suppose.  And I am paying this kids tuition so I should get some return on my investment.  No, she's not going to cosmetology school.  L is an accounting major.  What does that have to do with cutting hair you may ask.  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  In her words, "I can do anything I put my mind to.  And I can do it exceptionally well.  Don't you know that by now?"

Someone switched babies with me at the hospital.  I know it.

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3 Responses Jul 13, 2009

Ha Man! No way, she's lucky I don't have her paying me for the joy of my company this summer! Actually, I would do that but she's so tight-fisted with her money she'd just find another way to make me pay for it.

It certainly looks better than it did and that hair color I'm putting on later will make me into a new<br />
Thanks Lilt.

I'm sure it looks fabulous!<br />
Great story, great kid!