Hope Is There

Not sure what your situation is but justed wanted to lend an ear. I too was the daughter in jail once before. It was the most devestating experience in my life and I all I could think of was getting out and hugging my father the biggest support of my life. I know it may be hard but she needs the support of her family regardless of what is going on...and as my grandmother always said "this too shall pass".

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5 Responses Mar 14, 2009

...AMEN!!! yes this to shall also pass...we need to be calm during the storm..i will wither down...I hang on some days are easy ...some days are hard..some days I just don't to open my eyes...

well I know that seems like a long time but in the whole scheme of things not too bad. one or thing that helped me a lot was just talkn about my future and what it was gonna look like when I got out and no so much focus on being in the current situation.

dont know she is waiting for 5 months to get sentsnced she might get 2 years

I guess just knowing that someone had not given up on me. It wasnt about the money for me tho but dont get me wrong that did help things out. I just needed to know someone stilll believed in me regardless of what I had done in the past. I am 31 now and finally moving on with life. All I can suggest is just fight for her...fight for her freedom, safety, recovery and hope. Can I ask how long you anticipate her being there?? Here to help if I can

what was the most important thing for you? i am the only one she has it costs alot for commissary and phone calls about 400+ a month this has been going on for 9 years she will be 28 in july what can i do ??