I Have No Idea Why She Hates Me

I have tried to be the best mother in law, always thinking of what she would like, always asking her if she

would like to have lunch or go shopping...... My son and she just had a baby not too long ago, and she won't let me get too close to him, my son is in the service and I don't know if that's why or not.

She has caused all sorts of problems with others that aren't related to her, but I have always tried to

give her the benefit of the doubt.  My son was moved to a different barrick, so I don't have his new address

yet and she will not give me his address, so I had to call the place where he's stationed.  It's not just me

she is doing this to, she gave my mother the wrong address, and won't speak to my former husband and his wife either.  She has moved 6 times in less than a year, because the people she had stayed with asked her to

leave, my husband and I offered to have her stay her and she wouldn't, we do have enough room.  I don't know what to do, and neither does anyone else.  She told me she was depressed and is on zoloft and is

pregnant again. 

Please Help



pradda7 pradda7
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if we just try too hard. I was determined to be friends with my daughter in law. My son is in the Army and she lived with us for a year and a half before they got married. She was with us through his boot camp and MIT training all the way up to the wedding. I helped her any way I could, when her mom didn't throw her a shower I did it and invited her mom and her whole side. I wanted her to feel like she was a part of our family the same as all of our kids but in the end it didn't matter. They have been married three years now and she doesn't want anything to do with us. My son makes plans to see us but when they come she won't leave the bedroom she hides from us and he pretends nothings wrong, actually we all pretend nothings wrong, its crazy. I really feel your pain because I live it too. I always thought I was going to be a good mother in law, I wouldn't be nosey, pushy, I would always try to see her side but in the end there is nothing you can do. I love my son and It hurts me that his wife hates me but what can I do, she's his wife and she is his life now. I tried and in my heart I know I tried as hard as I could. It's in Gods hands now. I pray that in time she will see that I mean her no harm and if she can't accept me I have no choice but to accept that. I will always love my son that will never change.