My Daughter Hates Me

I have a daughter who is 28, beautiful and very smart. However she is the most shallow person I know. I also have a son who is 25 and is handsome and smart and exactly the opposite of his sister. How can 2 kids be raised exactly the same and yet be so different? My daughter, thinks and tells me regularly that she is better than everyone else. She constantly tells me that she is disappointed that I am her mom. (I am overweight) and she tells me that I am fat and she wants a mom who is skinny and beautiful. This breaks my heart. She tells me she resents me. I would do anything for either of my kids. I love them both. However, she is so rude to me and about other people that I cant stand to be around her anymore.I just moved 2000 miles to be near her, thinking we could work this out. It isnt going to happen. I want to find a daughter who will love me for who I am. My son does, we have a great relationship and are close. I try so hard to be close to my daughter and she tells me that I am not what she wants. I am to the point that I am going to step back and stay away from her. She is killing me with the stress. If anyone knows of someone needing a mom to love them... please let me know.
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

She sounds like a horrible person

Omg this is terrible my daughter is 29 n resents me for being thinner than her n for stupid things ... i recently told her I don't want a relationship with her aanymore only my grand daughter who is 6 months old .. she doesn't come out and say she resents me it's her behavior toward me ...

I'll trade my skinny self-centered loveless mom for one like you, with a heart, any day.