I Actually Have Three....

Dance runs our life right now.....expensive.....time-consuming.....overwhelming at times....putting ridiculous miles on my van.....BUT

my kids are completely confident, they are making great choices in life...they don't have time to get into trouble, they take great care of their bodies and eat right....they have learned superb time management skills....and they have a solid group of friends that have like interests....and they know how to work hard for something...

It is worth it....

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Dance, Lonelywanderer, Dance!! Let the music come alive!

dang!! ii love to dance.. non stop.. ii even dance in bed.. but ii just dont have the oppurtunity to go anywhere.. where ii can reap the actual benefits.. or even get any recognition.. so ii just dance at home,, skl,, the midle of the street,, whenever ii feel..

like you I cannot imagine actually adding up the hours...it would be mind boggling!<br />
My girls have been dancing since they were 3 and 5...so over 10 years...they started in competively when they were 5 and 7. This year we have 27 dances between the three of them and as many costumes.....eeeeekkkkk! We do around 7 competitions a year and will go to Nationals this year in FLA. Thankfully we live close to a major city where many competitions are held so we don't have a lot of out of state travel....BUT they go to the top studio in the city which happens to be on the other side of the city from where we live....soooooo those miles are adding up quick! We ride share or I would be completely nuts!<br />
The girls core group of friends are such good kids and the studio really feels like family....we all love and take care of each others kids.....as much as a pain it is sometimes....the benefits outway the other...

Oh my gosh, I would hate to add up all the hours I have spent at competitions, half time shows, performances at community events, rest homes, etc over the last five years! Not to mention the thousands over miles of travel I have put on my Durango... gonna have to get a new vehicle before we head out to Cali. Not complaining, just telling the story...LOL<br />
This year isn't too bad though, we are not traveling to many true competitions because of the high cost of the Disneyland trip. One thing about living in Wyoming, it is a long way to any city big enough for a competition.<br />
How about you? How many miles/ hours have you put in?<br />
How long have your girls been dancing?

so Garys5150 ....how many hours have YOU logged in at dance competitions over the last five years.......??? We are in the midst of comptetition season and it makes for some very LONG week-ends.....but.....it is still fun to see them reap the rewards of their hard work...

I agree with the things that you say about dance and its many impacts on your life. My daughter would be lost without it. She has been dancing with the same core group of girls for 5 years now and they are the best of friends. She would be lost without dance in her life.