We're Goin' to Disneyland!

My 8 yr old daughter has been taking dance classes for five years now and she absolutely loves it!  She takes ballet, jazz, tap, & hip-hop. (This year her and I are also doing a 'daddy and daughter' dance to a song called "I Can't Dance, But I'm willing to learn". )   Her dance group has won several competitions and regional awards and is actually qualified to go to a national competition at Disneyland this July.  She is soooooo excited to dance at Disneyland, she talks about it all the time.  We are driving out there and taking our sweet time to see all the sites, going out in one direction and coming back the other, planning to hit most of the states in the SW and NW US.


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what a wonderful time to create memories ~ the journey alone will be remembered for a lifetime....<br />
Bright Blessing to you and your very lucky talented daughter.....enjoy these times... The grow up so quickly.... :)


Sorry DrewBerry, we already made the trip I'm talking about here. But we are still planning to go to Disney World next summer. See ya then!

Don't forget to stop off in Tennessee on your way.<br />
<br />

LOL One of my best friends said the same thing, but because our dances are considered copyrighted material, we can't post any pics or vids without consent. (We won't get it! Trust me) If Spotlight (the company that sponsors our competitions and nationals) finds a video of our dance on line, they will immediately disqualify our dance from any further competition and could possibly disqualify our entire studio from nationals. (They apparently take this very, very seriously.) That being said, I should have my DVD of our routine in the next couple of weeks and I 'might' download it to my video collection on my computer, which means that 'someone' might be able to see it by P2P sharing. wink wink nod nod

Just an update on my original story... This past weekend our daddy/daughter dance qualified to dance at Disneyland! I am very excited about this, but am quite nervous about the prospect of it. My daughter was sooo excited by our scores! She literally beamed at me all day after the results! She hung on me and must have hugged me a hundred times with the most gorgeous, loving smile on her face. <br />
<br />
Before the scores were announced, I could have cared less about the results. For me, it was about having fun and dancing with my little girl. But after her reaction and seeing the look in her eyes when she hugged me at the awards ceremony, it was truly one of the greatest days of my life!

Thank you for your nice post. As you may, or may not, have seen from some of my other posts, I have been a single dad for 7+ years now. My kids mean everything to me.

Thank you both for the nice comments!

good Daddy you are....it will mean a lot to her that you are so involved and supporting her in dance when she gets older....enjoy it...they grow fast...

Your girl is the luckiest daughter!

Yea, I am very very proud of her! We are really looking forward to our 3 week road trip. It'll be a gas to spend the time alone, just me and the kiddos.

aww that is so cool!