It Is Her Dream

My youngest is 14 and wants so much to have a recording career.  She takes private voice lessons, goes to fine arts camp in the summer, has been in chior since the fifth grade, participates in school vocal competitions, does solo performances for school, has been in the school orchestra (volion) since fifth grade, is learning the guitar, can play some on the harmonica.

This year was the first year she has been old enough to go and compete at the state level for voice.  She goes in April and is very excited.

I have a youtube page set up with a couple of videos of her singing.

feel free to rate and leave comments for her.

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3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Let us know when you post new stuff she's done! Thanks!

thank you jojo

My granddaughter Selena and I both agree that she is quite talented and is blessed with a very beautiful voice. I hope she goes far with her talent. You're well on you way with helping her. That's so cool, the youtube page! :-)