She did it.  She got her acceptance letter in the mail today.  She applied two months ago to Interlochen Center for Fine Arts summer program. When she sent in her audition dvd she applied for the 2 and 4 week program.  But she has been invited to attend the intense Vocal Operatic 6 week program. This program is usually for Juniors and Seniors, she is a Freshmen. She had to compete with kids from over 50 countries for 2500 spots.  She also was given a $1000.00 scholarship to go toward the tuition price. However, it leaves her with a balance of over 5000.00 By May 1, 2009. They really did not leave us very much time. She went out today in the neighborhood with the flyer below around the neighborhood to begin to earn money to pay the balance of the tuition. She also sent emails with the flyer attached to all her relatives. She is so excited. My husband and I talked and have decided that if we have to start selling things and not make the house payment we will get her there.   Please add her to your prayer list. She will need lots of strength and has a lot of work to do to raise her money. But, I know she will be able to do it. I am so very proud of her.  

This is the flyer she made for the neighbors.  

Hi, I’m Breianna . I’m raising money to help pay for my Interlochen tuition. Interlochen is a fine arts academy that has summer programs that only a select few musicians are accepted to attend. I auditioned earlier this year. I received an acceptance letter and I hope to be one of the 2,500 musicians to attend their summer programs. I originally auditioned for the 4 week vocal soloist studies, but, I ended up being one of the few girls my age to attend the choral and operetta program which is a 6 week long program. I know the economy is difficult and it’s not making anybodies lives any easier, but, this is a HUGE opportunity. I have to raise $6000 by May. I’m not asking you to donate but if you would like to you may. I’m willing to work for the money. I will wash cars, walk dogs, mow lawns, pull weeds, pretty much anything you need done I can do. My parents are very proud of me, and I am very proud of myself. If I can raise the money, I can spend six weeks at a fine academy where stars like Josh Groban, Norah Jones, and Steve Perry, the lead singer of Journey, have attended Interlochen at some point in time during their childhoods. I’m also collecting cans, and pop bottles, anything to help me reach my goal. One day I hope to be sitting with stars like them. Please, help me reach my goal. You can reach me on my cell phone at ******   I’m looking for sponsors, but I’d like to help them out. Thank you, I am extremely grateful.                          -Breianna                 

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yes, very. Of all four of my children she is the only one who has had a dream and worked hard for it from a very early age. She has always know what she wants and has done what she needs to get there.

the prayers are worth so much more. thanks.