My 3 Yo Has Complete Acc

when i was roughly 6 months pregnant we were sent to morgantown, wv to be followed at the high risk ob unit there. now this being my 3rd pregnancy and 2nd child i was already scared from the lost of our first child from miscarriage... i didnt know what to think, what was going to happen? our one child who was close to 2yo was used to having our full attention and with the ACC diagnoses we were afraid for him and our unborn son. but so far they both have handled in pretty well for being brothers... your average fights and arguments but nothing to uncommon. i (mom) however have found myself many times at points where i was ready to give him to my mom for good... my husband has never been good with unruly children and hyperactive behavior; he has defiantly had his i have to go somewhere for awhile moments.... but all in all we've managed. aiden is his name and at 3yo he is in his first year of head start where he has stolen the hearts of many including his teacher who adores him. he however doesnt want to really "learn" rather just play which i guess is to be expected. i try not to push him but i also want him to be able to function in a normal class room with his peers.... i dont really want him to have the label as "special". not saying its bad but just scary for me to think. he's just so rough and wild i want him to have the chance to do the activities his classmates will be doing. right now he's up at least twice a night every night, on melatonin for sleep and clairitin for severe allergy to environmental things. he goes for a sleep study at the first of the year for check for sleep apnea which i hear is very common for ACC suffers. god i hope they find a way for him to cope and me and our family for deal and help him in any way we can. i honestly just wish they would find a way to help him sleep at night... i think that of all things would help greatly.... idk the future is unknown all we can do is pray!
aiden2009 aiden2009
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Dec 15, 2012