My 3 Year Old Daughter Also Has Acc

Sitting here reading the stories posted by mothers who have children diagnosed with Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum really touched my heart. Sometimes I feel that I'm the only person who has heard of this disorder. My daughter was diagnosed with ACC during a routine ultrasound. I had several ultrasound leading up to her birth and a team of doctors advising me to abort the pregnancy, which i did not and would not. I am blessed to have a healthy child 3 years old who enjoys life as much as we enjoy her in our lives. I did not seek a specialist once my child was born. She appeared normal and I wasn't going to label her with anything unless her condition raised questions once she had entered school.

Well to my surprise she has been attending preschool for 1 year now which is a program for children her age. The school see concerns in her social development. In school she doesn't talk to adults and will play alone. If she interacts with her peers she will often become aggressive. Well at home she is great! She is able to talk clear words ask for what she needs and play with others. She walks great and has started to run very fast and climb on top of furniture.

I agreed to take her in for an evaluation. I was completely surprise that she wouldn't do anything for the therapist. I mean things that I know she can do while at home. Leaving that appt the doctor referred us to see 6 other specialist. I agreed.

I know from working with children on the Autism spectrum that early intervention is helpful and a great way for children to learn how to communicate and express their needs. I never wanted my child to be labeled disable but I am willing to seek the help she needs in order to stay on course with children her age.

I'm still finding it very hard to potty train her while in pull ups! Any suggestions

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Your daughter sounds a lot like mine. She is 3 and has ACC and attends preschool with kids her age. She uses much more language at home than at school. At school, she almost never talks, but at home she talks pretty frequently. She mostly uses 2 and 3 word phrases, and repeats a lot. She likes to have the same conversations over and over again, such as pointing out all the cars and pickup trucks and trucks and trains and school busses she sees on the road. She does not answer questions. Rather than conversing, she just talks when she feels like it about whatever she feels like. But besides her social difficulties, she is very loving at home to her parents, brother and grandparents.

My daughter is 5 years old and was diagnosed with ACC shortly after birth. She has a lot of medical anolomies and was also 10 weeks premature, so it is hard to say what developmental delays were due to her prematurity, other health issues or ACC. But I understand what you're going through.<br />
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Kayleigh was not 100 percent potty trained until she was nearly 4 years old. I was starting to believe that doctors were correct about her not being able to use the bathroom on her own. Persistance and my daughter's preschool helped push her a little. Although she was delayed, she eventually did "catch on". One of the preschool teachers took a class on neurological disorders in children and told me that with ACC children often have to find another "pathway" from one side of the brain to the other. So seeminly simple tasks take longer for these children because their brain has to create whole new routes. Hang in there with the potty training. I have a feeling it will come. :-)<br />
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I was also interested in reading that doctors encouraged you to terminate your pregnancy! I was 22 weeks when doctors offered to abort my pregnancy when we found out Kayleigh had spina bifida, and various other disorders. I was appalled at the suggestion! My daughter is perfectly healthy, despite her disorders and looking at her no one would ever know her previously grim prognosis.<br />
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Thank you for sharing your story, and you are commended for giving your daughter life when it was encouraged not to. Doesn't she just brighten your day? Simply amazing.<br />
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Thank you!