My Journy With Katie

i found out something was wrong when i was 5 monthes pregnant when i went in for a sono they noticed she had more fluid around the brain. I went for monthes not knowing what was wrong with her or what it was going to be not that it mattered i wanted a child so bad and she was an angel sent to me i didnt know she had (c-ACC) untill 2-21-2007 the day after she was born and what made that day the worst day of my life they told me when i was all alone with her my husband was working and both my parents were at home sleeping cause it was so early i felt so bad cause i didnt go with her to have the sono done cause i was still in pain from my c-section sence then i have taken her to many doctors making sure everything was going ok she didnt have any signs of anything going wrong till she turned about a year old she wasnt acting like she was a year old but more of a 3 month year old child. so that meant even more Dr. and some out of state trips alot of out of town trips she has hypotonia which the best way to explain that is shes a spegetti noodle, so she doesnt walk, doesnt really crawl but does an army crawl with her arms if that gives you an idea she cant stand and do activities that normal 2 year olds do its hard when you see children her age or my youngest child doing so much more things then her it makes  me want to cry but i know i have to be strong to show her that she is loved and that no matter what shes going to be ok and shes special in her own ways. i have never met a child like Katie or anyone close to what she has sometimes i feel like im all alone i have my husband for suport but its me who takes her to all her Dr. apt.s and its me that take her to all the therapy shes in its hard cause every child is difrent with this and no one really knows what the future will hold for her and i think as a parent its the hardest thing just not knowing..

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Please don't lose hope. There are little victories everyday, Katie will do things that you may have never thought she would be able to do. Imagine the frustration from her perspective, having a body that doesn't always cooperate, feeling, thinking things that she may not be completely able to express. When I squeeze our Jessica and I feel the love that she gives in return I truly appreciate how much I need her and she needs us. How can I be sad knowing that we are her whole world, and that there isn't a more pure love and devotion than her. Please take good care of yourselves, find the time to have someone watch Katie so you and your husband can do something together. You sound like a wonderful Mom, and you are very blessed. I was blessed when I read the beautiful story that you shared. Thank you.

You sound like a truly wonderful mother. Blessings to you and Katie.