Sometimes I Just Wanna Cry.

I have a daughter who's birthday is today actually.  When she was 21 months old she got spinal ensyphilitis from a mosquito bite.  She was left basicly like a vegetable.  Doctors left us with nothing to look forward to.  They told us she would never walk, talk, or do any daily functions by herself.  We were broken, but her oh no she has such a determination.  She would never give in to any of that.  She has defeted all those doctors.  She walks, talks, bathes, feeds, and toilets herself. 

On the other hand of the story, she has such a strong personality and knows how to run the show.  I live with my parents.  Which is no help, my mom spoils her.  My mom helped me raise a monster.  My daughter is very stubborn she never listens to me.  I get so angry with her at times.  I just don't know what to do.  Every one tells be poor thing she is sick.  I am like oh heck no she is not sick any more.  She has symptoms of CP but has never been diagnosed.  No matter what I say or do none of my punishments for her work.  Time out well she just goes to the room and makes a huge mess.  Take something away, well she has so many things she loves it is pointless.  I don't like to spank.  I just get so fustrated.  When we have company or friends are around she is an angle.  When we are home just the family she is so different.  Every one says we never se her act up you are just stressed.  I don't think I am stressed I think my kid is spoiled and I can't control her and it makes me MAD.  I am the mom she is the child.  She needs to follow my rules not the other way aroundl. 

I am just rambling now.  I can go on forever.  I just needed to get this out. 

Thanks for listening.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

Thank you for sharing your story, often times when we see children with special needs the focus is on them as it should be. But i believe we fail to see what and how much the parent is going through. With your story you give us some insight to just that and in the process allow us to see a bit clearer. It takes someone very special to handle a child with needs. <br><br><br><br />
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All the love and care you give her will eventually make it full circle - <br><br><br><br />
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It is not hard to see why her grandmother would spoil her, sometimes when a child is in a life threatening situation the parents and grandparents cling even more to that special child. I shall never forget my grandmother, because i too was in a life threatening situation when i was a child - she always looked at me like i was a treasure and treated me special. Those are the memories your daughter will have when she is older. <br><br><br><br />
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For now perhaps you can work closely with your mother on the discipline thing. You are the adults and talking without anger or frustration will go very far. Do all things in a thankful loving way and they will turn out right in the end. Lots of hugs for your child and mother and for you. <br><br><br><br />
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All the best<br><br><br><br />
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