My Sons Wife Was A Willing Paid Participent

My sons wife was a willing paid participent in the affair she had with my husband her fatherinlaw.She charged $50 a pop (not even a classy hooker). I trusted and loved both of them. Soon after my now x ended it she got pregnant to our son ? anyway I fell inlove with my 1st grandson then number 2. The filthy secret was never told, all the family knew she was up to no good with money, lying, sneeky, a flirt , the list goes on. I was fairly well off and was able to help out like brand new furniture infact almost everything they had was paid for by me. I dont begrudge my grandsons anything and i bought them everything ,my total hearts delight. for whatever reason she blackmailed her fatherinlaw for $20,000 or shed tell their dirty secret. That amount of money just couldnt disappear so he did and after 30 odd years i come home to a note explaining nothing other than hed left me and wasnt coming back. I was totally blindsided as never saw it coming. Theres so much more, this is only recent in last 12 months, its truly heart breaking as i have lost my son and my grandsons have been told im dead. I have done nothing to deserve this only chose not to believe the gash's lying version of being forced, made to, groomed, threatened, torchered blar blar blar. O' yeah but she admitted to taking the money. $50 a pop
I cant continue as to emotional, i will try to gat back to finishing this another time.
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I don't understand how you ended up the bad guy in this situation. I am guessing probably the same way I did, lying, manipulative DIL. You are better off without a husband who would do such a thing to you and your son. I hope your son see's the light soon.

What a horrible situation. I feel so terrible for you... I also feel terrible for your son! It is hard now, but be glad that your husband is gone and know you deserve better. Be sure to tell your son he deserves better too.

On a different note, are you sure your newest grandchild is definitely your son's and not your husband's? A standard paternity test cannot differentiate between men within the same family............ This may or may not be important to you, but if your son leaves his two-bit-hooker wife, it may mean less child-support payments for him if he can prove he is not the father.

I hope things are looking up for you. xo