the Biggest Surprise of My Life

I got pregnant by chance. That means I wasn't looking to having a baby, but I wasn't all too careful about getting pregnant either because my ob/gyn had told me for a long time I couldn't do it without treatment.

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately fell in love with my baby, even though I wasn't admitting it for fear of what might have happened. I went through with the pregnancy, married the father of the baby, found out it was a girl and now she's already a sweet, loving, amazing kid.
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1 Response Oct 9, 2006

I am so happy when i see stories of people overcomming obsticals , the ones that beat the odds. you are blessed for having a child when the doc says you wont. She is probably the air you breath now right?<br />
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I have a similar story. I found out i was pregnant with my second child. I found out when I was three months along. the thing is that the baby was not developed like i was. The doc said that either my body would naturaly abort the baby, i would have a handicap baby or he would be still born. For fear of all these things i made an appoinment to have an abortion and hated making that decision. When i went to the appointment i asked to see the screen as they did the ultrasound, they wouldnt let me, then i asked if there wa a heartbeat. She said reluctantly , there was. At that point i decided i had no right to take that heartbeat away so i didnt go through with the abortion. I was considered high risk pregnancy, I carried the baby for 10 months to insure development, I had my son on Oct.1 1998, he is strong and so healthy , never had health issues and was 10 pounds at birth, they did a c-section. He to this day is healthy and normal. No learning disabilities. I believe in my heart because i chose his life despite of the circumstances the doc said there would be, i was truly blessed. Children are such a blessing, and are to me little teachers of life.