My Daughter....

will be turning 20 in August and is at the doctor as i write this finding out when the doctor will induce labor so that my first grandson can make his first appearance...His name is Lukas Hunter. My daughter & I are not very close emotionally, her younger brother , my youngest son calls her "stone face" cuz she shows no emotion....she would be a great poker player..her facial expressions never change...scary really. I try so much not to play favorites but she just closes herself off...and when she left at 17..omg, i just about died. i tried to tell her NOT to go with his current i see that she knows it was a bad idea. hes got ADD real bad...i told her that she will have 3 babies, hubby, the dog and Lukas...i hope she can deal with it all...and more i wish that they could save up enough money to MOVE OUT of my house!!!!!! grrrrrrrr
WindyCityCat WindyCityCat
41-45, F
Jun 14, 2010