(Gosh, I hate trying to come up with a semi-intelligent title!  This is my eldest daughter's nickname.)

I have always had the feeling that I would never have a boy, but only daughters.

Nevertheless, for some reason in my first pregnancy I convinced myself I was having a son.  Perhaps because it seemed so improbable.  No, I did not find out ahead of time.

My baby was delivered via c-section.  The staff knew my baby would be a surprise.  I heard "There he is!" and got happy that I'd had a boy.  That was followed momentarily by a wailing baby and the announcement "It's a GIRL!"  (Coincidentally, they did darn near the exact same thing in my second c-section; first using the pronoun "he" and then saying I'd had a girl.)

I guess my initial thought that I'd never have a boy was the right one.  I have followed that daughter with two more.
BellaLinda BellaLinda
26-30, F
Oct 10, 2006