Today My Daughter

moved out...i go back to Feb of this yr and share that she & her hubby, dog & turtle moved in..she was only a few months pregnant. i charged them $250 for rent and i expected them to share in some house hold chores...i think in the course of this mess i yelled at them twice but this past wednesday was the worse..i actually got a nose bleed i was so furious...i had made supper sunday evening they had been gone all day, then came home just at supper time...the hubby scoped up all the food and took it upstairs and left the mess on the sat there until wednesday evening..i waited that long...hubby had to cut grass in the blistering heat after working a full time job & a part time job..but the lazy ******* hubby of hers plays WarHammer & works at a temp agency...but he was tired and couldnt do it. He just turned 24 today. they had the baby one month ago..she never put the baby down..carries him everywhere..."i cant do dishes becuz he cries when i put him down"....grrrrrr. i lost it...building for months...they stopped paying rent this month..."we need to save up for an apartment ..we will help out more around here"....yeah NOT! His mother just bought a new house recently divorced his father, is single and has the younger brother (20yrs) living with her....they all moved into her very small house. ohhh did i mention that she (the mother) had kicked them out of her house in Feb of this yr becuz she was tired of their ****?! i wonder how long it will last over there? i am sad cuz i know i will not see my 1st & only grandson anytime daughter wont call me for anything...not any help fo anykind...why? cuz in our family the one who calls is the weaker one....sad & pathetic but its our disfunctional family. i tried i really did (again) tough love thats all i can think of.....they havent stood on their own ever...he is so for in debt their are being taken to court now...Warhammer! at his age...LOSER...we told him to get another job he said NO cuz your daughter wont go back to work if i do that, she will depend on me too much...stupid ... i give them 3 yrs head hurts and my heart cries for my grandson...i will miss him.
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thanks everyone for the "well wishes".....

Awful! Sorry 2 hear this! Sorry but it sounds like they have some serious growing up 2 do, let's hope they do it soon for your grandaughter's sake!

thank you