One Day I Went Shopping With My Daughter.......

One Day I was shopping with my Daughter. I was so exhausted and wanted to get in and out quickly. My Daughter was tired and very cranky and wanted out of the shopping cart. She was grabbing for every item we passed. I was losing my patience and temper. "When" an elderly woman came over to us. She took my child"s hand, and said, "What" a lovely child." My little girl was quiet immediately. The woman looked at me. She had an angelic smile and then again said "they " are so wonderful at this age. At once I felt peaceful and in control of the situation. After she walked away.I found a snack that pleased me and my little one and we had a pleasent shopping trip. That one moment of someone reminding me what a treasure I had turned my whole attitude around and made my shopping trip much easier.....This happened some time ago "But" I remember it like it was yesterday!.....Anto815
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sometimes an angel actually appears for that moment we need her most...

What a lovely story, thanks for posting it :0)

Thanks for reading..I wrote that story a long time ago..I am glad you liked it..

ahhh It is those small and simple acts of kindness that can really make such a difference to a persons day. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you x

No...Thank you....

I just want to take the time in thanking all of you for your kind comments. It means alot to me knowing that I can share them with someone other than my notebook. Sorry it"s taken so long for a reply! Thanks again..

Kindness goes a long way and is remembered a long time.