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My Sexy Daughter

They grow up so fast  ! I was just starting to bloom when I was 15 but my daughter at age 15 was built like a brick, I was so happy to watch her grow into a woman. I feel that if you teach them how to be careful then sex at that age is okay. I would rather teach her all about it and what to do and how to do it rather than be a grandmother at my age because I know that I would be the one to raise the kid. Whats your thoughts ???????
avila100 avila100 31-35 9 Responses Mar 26, 2011

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Teach her good

I agree with you and I would do exactly the same, sex at that age is totally ok if is done with care.

so, is she sexually active now?

I totally agree with you :)

I think if she's old enough to ask questions, she's old enough to get answers.

And I think you have the right idea when it comes to her having sex.

My daughter was sexually active at 12. She was a very busy girl. Quite popular as well.

We had a very open relationship. Has told me lots of stories.

they do indeed grow up next door neighbours daughter is 15....and 15 year olds weren't like that when i was 15! if she's as grown up as all that, her head will be screwed on right....and that is down to you so sex shouldn't be a problem

Check it out. If she is open to sexual conversations, do it. If she has a great body (As you said) she is probably been getting off for several years. It will help both of you if you can talk sex.

why dont you show her how its done ma