Unanswered Prayer

My daughter sometimes prays at night. Last night was one of those times that she felt a need to pray.She told me that I should be beside her while whispering her conversation to God. We knelt down,I held her hands. One of the lines that thwarted me was when she said "God, I wish we can be a complete family soon". I always listen to her whenever she prays and that was the first time that she mentioned that sentence.

She was only three years old when we left her father. But she witnessed those times when I had to sleep on her bed instead at the room that I shared with my husband. There were nights when she woke up and saw tears on my eyes. She wiped them while saying "Don't worry mom, I am still here. I am the one who will love you forever". I didn't know where did she get those consoling words I never told anything to her, she was too young to understand what was happening those times when her father barely slept at home and if he's around I don't share the bed with him. I always find my way to the room she shared with her younger brother.  She never asked question but the words that suddenly came out from her mouth were somehow unexpected. there was even a time when I had a miscarriage a day after her birthday. my mother-in-law brought her to the hospital  and I saw pity from her eyes. She never said a word but when I was recuperating at home, she told me "Don't worry mommy when we go to Canada, we will buy a new daddy". I almost laugh hysterically.

After three years, she murmured a fervent  prayer, I hugged and asked her why did she feel that we're not a complete family. She said, dad is always not here. I explained saying, " I thought you already understood that he's working in the city?". She didn't say a word. Then, I followed it up by saying "Is mommy not enough?" She embraced and showered me with kisses, replying ."I am happy as long as you're here"
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so touching..........so loving................. she is the daughter I want<br />
<br />

well, she's not at all so sweet, sometimes she is a rascal...lol

Great compliment, can't say nothing but Smile.

That is lovely. She gets it from you no doubt.

yes she is a precious gift, a heaven's sent..thank you.