My Daughter

Wow! All these touching stories about daughters. Here's mine....

My daughter is....a HUGE pain in the ***! Touching huh? LOL. She's only 10, going on 15. From the moment she was born she was a pain. My wife was in labor for something like 40 hours. My daughter apparently didn't want to come out so they finally had to cut her out. She started crying right after she got out and I swear she didn't stop for the next 3 months. The nurses at the hospital had to bring her in to sleep with my wife because she wouldn't stop crying in the nursery. She only stopped crying when she was breastfeeding or sleeping. Of course my wife had to stay in the hospital a bit longer because of the C-section, but she got very little rest because of the baby. We got the baby home and she cried most of the way home. That night, about midnight my wife couldn't take it any more, she gave me the baby and closed the bedroom door. At that time we had a small house and the only thing I could do to keep the baby quiet was walk around with her in my arms. I literally walked back and forth in that small house for four hours to let my wife get some sleep. Finally, exhausted, I sat down on the couch with my daughter laying on my chest and fell asleep (not the safest thing to do for you expectant parents). The next three months were awful, but at least I got to go to work. My poor wife was there all day alone with the baby. Anyway, after that first three months the crying started to slowly subside, but it's something I'll never forget.

She's still a difficult child. Talks back to her mother constantly, fights with her brother non-stop, but, I love her to death every minute of every day, even when I have to grab hold of an ear to take her to her room for a time out! ;)
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I'm sure i was a problem child ! I never agreed with what my parents said, constantly fighting with my 3 other siblings.Although i help out alot around the place, i'm sure i was still irritating to my parents !

aw. I feel for what you (and especially your wife) went through after your daughter was born. My second child didn't sleep through the night until he was over 9mos old. It was horrible! I love how you acknowledge the fact that at least you got to go to work while she was stuck dealing with a crying infant 24/7 :) Some kids are just more stubborn...I have one too ;) Good luck with your girls, and thank God I have boys!

Thanks LG. Yeah, I had it MUCH easier than my wife. No doubt about it.

Haha. My daughter is currently teething and going through another growth spurt (she eats every hour now), so I feel you on the crying part. I'm fearful myself of when she turns 10! I guess that fear never subsides.

No I'm sure as the grow they always give you something to worry about, although, I worry less about my son. Maybe that's a Dad-Daughter thing?

Compared to the kids these days, my brother and I were angels. Yes, we were a little difficult but our parents knew what we were like. Of course, I was the mischevious one. The worst thing I got in trouble for was talking back to the teacher. But I was mad, she wouldn't listen to my side of the story. Hmmphf...I'll keep talking until I've said what I needed to say. I was about 9 or 10 yrs. old. If there is a conflict, I want my story to be heard too. I'm stubborn and persistent.

LOL. My daughter is definitely stubborn. Must come from my wife's side of the family! ;)

my parents need to count their blessings. <br />
although maybe it's a phase. *crosses fingers*

I have to laugh... 10 going on 15. I thought my daughter was 10 going on 25 at that stage. Ah the memories. She's now 25!!

I shake in fear just thinking about what she'll be like when she actually IS a teenager! lol