My Daughter Is Extremely Vulnerable Socially and Emotionally

My pre-teen daughter is really vulnerable socially and emotionally.

We have done a lot to try to help in terms of therapy and unconditional love, but still it is a puzzle.

She seems to see the world as more scary than others her age.

In emotionally-charged situations (such as a math exam or even a verbal argument in front of others on the playground), she has trouble dealing with the pressure and facing the situation effectively.

She's prone to escapist tendencies, often retreating to want to spend hours on the computer playing Neopets.  It's a constant struggle to try to pry her away (even much more than usual for someone her age.)

All of these issues seem to make her feel unempowered in the real world and she has a hard time making social connections.

I know that this sounds negative, and I don't mean it this way.  She is such a sweet, loving girl, and I feel like I MUST become better informed about how to help her more.

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my love and prayers for you<br />
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if you find any answers please let me know ..i have one just like her ...only she's into the webkids