Born In My Heart, - My Hero

My daughter is not a birth child.  She became ours when she was 3.  Her upbringing was not good.  A child of the system, she started out with 2 strikes againts her already.  But she perseveried and thrived.  She found the thrill of her first boat ride, McDonalds fries, just how badly her Grandmas spoiled her.

Then strike 3 -almost.  She had a stroke big enough to destroy much of the growing she'd done and take her vision.  Again, with the right help our stubborn, beautiful daughter adapted to being blind. Every day she goes on, finding joy in new things and teasing as much as ever.

She is my hero.

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thank you so much for the comments...I am touched by them

You are amazing! Treat yourself well because you deserve it. <br />
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If only other parents were as accepting and loving and non-complaining about their children. <br />
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Most of the problems in the world today are because parents did not love their children and nurture them and appreciate them. They were selfish, self-seeking, doing their own thing instead of taking parenthood as the most important job in the world. <br />
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Children who grow up without your kind of love become adults who are needy or angry or unable to believe in themselves, basically unproductive people or destructive in some way. Society's welfare clients and prison inmates. <br />
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God bless you! I mean that with all my heart.

we parents understand more than they realize

You are very welcome. I have a disabled son who is 45. He got measles/encephalitis at the age of 6 months then had Reyes Syndrome at age 3. He had 45 seizures before he was 3 years old = so I empathize and understand what a mother and child go through in this process.

thank you moxie

Wow, what a great spirit your daughter has and you too!