My Sarcastic Daughter

This story takes place about a year ago when my daughter was 16. My daughter had gone to visit with a friend down the street and dinner was almost done. I called her to let her know she needed to come home to eat.
I dialed her cell phone number.
My daughter: "Hello."
Me: "Honey, dinner is almost ready."
Daughter: very sarcastic "bye."

At this point I'm irritated by her rudeness, so I dial her number again to tell her so.
My daughter: "Hello."
Me: "That was very rude, you shouldn't--."
My daughter: Very sarcastic "Bye."

At this point, I'm very upset at her disrespect. I dial her number again.
My daughter: "Hello."
Me: "Don't you ever disrespect me like that again."
My daughter: Very sarcastic "Bye"

My blood is boiling at this point. I dial her number again.
My daughter: “Hello.”
Me: “Get your *** home now!”
My daughter: Very sarcastic “Bye”

About ten minutes after the last time I called, my daughter walks in the door smiling like nothing has happened. I begin to tell her how I don't appreciate being disrespected and that I don't have to pay for her to have a cell phone. She looks at me like I'm crazy and asks what I'm talking about. Apparently her phone battery was dead and her hello and sarcastic bye was her message for her voice mail. Needless to say, she changed that message to a traditional one.
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I laughed out loud.

hemmmm! I need one for when my wife calls. is there a way to direct it toward only one incoming number? She calls me when she knows I am not available, and will keep calling five or six times in a row, hoping I will pick it up? I am usually working out at the gym, and the phone is locked in my locker. <br />
<br />

I got an 18 year old daughter that is the same way they think you owe them everything they want and like you said no respect! Life will come knocking one day and we will see how they handle it! No wonder this world is falling apart look who's in line to run it next a bunch of smart *****!

Typical teenage daughter did the same thing, except it was MY mobile phone!!

Awww, this was funny...but soo darn typical of the trouble kids can get into without even trying sometimes..... :)

I was getting a lot of nuisance calls on my home phone so I put up a very long message with a confusing preamble. Friends and family know it's a joke and ignore it, and if I am home, I pick up as soon as I hear their voice. If I am not in when they call I phone back as soon as I play my messages. There has been not a single complaint so far from friends and family. They all think it is hilarious. Best of all, NO nuisance calls.

Was it really ?

i should try this out lmao

I am truly laughing out loud at this one!