Wow. She Is 4 1/2 Now.

She will be going to school next year. Wow. I'm getting older now.  She is still cute, adorable, smart.  Now she is talking gibberish sometimes. I'm trying to teach her to talk normally now.  Frankly she is not listening sometimes.  Hopefully she will talk normally in school. It's me. I act so dramatically too. For example yesterday  I had to shut down the computer. She went into this fit. I tried to come her down. She was grabbing me. I said to her to let go of me. She didn't. I should said to her to calm down or I should just leave her alone until she can calm down.  Boy. I'm saying being a mother is a tough job. I'm the role model to her. I need act like a person who is mature and calm. I shouldn't like a drama queen sometimes. Welcome to motherhood!
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Yeah she will grow into a mini you, but that's a good thing. <br />
Parenthood isn't always easy but you are doing a good job and should be proud of yourself. :)

Yes. I can see it now. It's a mom and daughter bond thing. Maybe when she gets to her teens years. She will develop her personality and not my personality.

Haha .. remember that she will grow into a mini you

God. I hope not. Frankly I hope some day she will be more mature and less dramatic than me. Oh well. If she did turn like me. Man. I hope her future husband can deal with that. LOL....