My 12 Year Old Daughter

I have a daughter who recently turned 12. It seems like yesterday that I saw her for the first time, a headful of black hair (like me) and the sweetest face on Earth. I had gone into labor somewhat unexpectedly, and we had to drop our son off at my sisters and head over to the hospital around 8pm. The next morning, my sister called me and said, "What happened?" 'Oh, nothing," I replied. "What? You didn't have her?" "Yes! I had her, she's perfect!" I guess I wasn't thinking straight -- I thought my sister meant had anything gone wrong. No, nothing went wrong. My daughter was amazing.

She quickly grew into the chubbiest, most adorable baby. Good natured, easy to please, she would nurse for 5 minutes and sleep for 4 hours. I would wake her up from a sound sleep to take her brother to preschool and she would open her eyes and smile at me.

She was a pretty challenging toddler. Doing backflips off the couch, climbing on furniture, standing in the dog's water dish, sitting in the dishwasher, even getting in the tub with all her clothes on. Naturally we have pictures of all of it.

Today, she is as vibrant as ever. She has developed into quite a beautiful young lady and is a talented musician. She is the original social butterfly, an excellent student and kind person. She is everything a mother could ask for.

I love her and am proud of her!
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For a minute there i was reminded of my son, who is now 28, and is a two hands full. But then again I was a child too.Thanks for the memory. Best wishes...