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My Hunny Bunny

“My children are my life”

I never understood the depth of that statement until I had a child of my own. Especially since I almost lost her before she even had a chance to live.

My daughter was born one and a half months prematurely via an emergency C-section in a pretty frenzied emergency type setting. During the operation she got amniotic fluid into her lungs and had to be “re-animated” as the medical report said. Her lungs were in essence burned by the fluid. Once she arrived here, she was a fighter from the git-go. I clearly remember her laying in her enclosed case in the maternity ward waiting for the Medivac crew to arrive and fly her to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The hospital staff had tubes, lines and hoses running everywhere in and around her little self. One particular line ran between her big toe and the next toe, placed there so it wouldn't move too far. She didn't like it being there. She worked her long, skinny big toe back and forth for I don't know how many minutes, perhaps five until at last she was able to catch the offending line and flick it aside. I stood there in quiet admiration for her spirit.

After about six weeks she was discharged from the hospital and send home with a some equipment that an average newborn didn't need. She had her oxygen tanks, one small portable and one big for inside the house. There was also a heart rate monitor equipped with a very loud alarm if her heartbeat went above or below a certain range, plus strict orders to keep her away from anybody with a cold or other respiratory issue. We made an interesting caravan anywhere we went. One person holding Baba in the carrier and someone else carrying the medical gear tied to her. This lasted for a few months at which point we very gratefully ditched the alarms, canula and oxygen.

She has gone from strength to strength, just as she was supposed to. Her doctor said that if an X-ray were to be taken of her lungs, it would take a very skilled radiologist to see any hind of scarring. And we are so fortunate that she doesn't have any other lingering effects of her hectic entry to this world.

My girl is such an awesome human being, in my very biased opinion. She is huge help to her mom who has great need of her help at times and is so very solicitous when Mommy is having a bad day. When I go into her room before leaving for work to give my very early morning hug and kiss, my day is made. Even more so when she wakes up just enough to hug me back. The good things our neighbors and the parents of her friends say about her totally reinforce my feelings of being so very blessed with my little Hunny Bunny. I'm sure every parent reading this thinks the same of their offspring, I hope! But this is my story of my little girl.
ineedadrink ineedadrink 41-45, M 4 Responses Jul 25, 2012

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I'm such a mushy mommy. I love this story and the way you speak about your daughter in many of your stories..... Getting to know you more and more.... And noticing a pretty precious constant. :-)

I write about what I know, usually. Thank you so much for reading about me. :-)

What a nice story! She's very lucky to have you for her dad.

Thank you so much. :-)

Beautiful story.

Thank you.

It was moving to read you talk about your daughter.

This is beautiful C. Thank you for sharing another part of your life, probably the most important part of your life.<br />

Yes, thank you. I do have to stay focused on the positive, wonderful things and people in my life. Its too easy to get wrapped in the crap.